LILLAKE [lil-ik] is a musical project created by Nico Santora. The debut album entitled ‘Become’ was written and recorded between March - November of 2015, and released on July 19th, 2016. The album features professional musicians Nico Santora, Eric Moore, and Evan Brewer

'Become' has been well received by metal press websites such as Metal Injection, Metal Sucks, Blabbermouth, etc. Metal Injection went as far as naming ‘Become’ one of 2016’s top 15 metal albums of the year

Since the release of ‘Become’, LILLAKE has completed two successful tours with legendary bands such as Goatwhore, Crowbar, TesseracT, Meshuggah, & Megadeth

The new album 'Memory Lies' is now available for Pre-Order and will be released on Jan. 11th 2019.

The current live lineup consists of Nico Santora on guitar/vocals, Bill Pogan on guitar, Eric Moore on drums, and Alex Vazquez on bass